Mencap Outdoors: applications & info

Mencap Outdoors: Applying for a place

This camping weekend, which we trialled for the first time in June 2012, was developed for the many young people now too old to be able to come on our summer holiday but still very keen to be involved, and especially to take part in more adventurous activities.  However, in future years we hope to also welcome young people who may not have attended our summer holiday.

To enquire about Mencap Outdoors please contact us using the details on the right with your name and a phone number, one of the senior team will then be in touch.  Because we cannot guarantee a secure email, all correspondence including confidential information must be received by post or in conversation.

Application forms are sent out in December and places confirmed by March.  We are very fortunate that most of campers will want to come back year after year, but unfortunately this does mean that places are limited and we have to run a waiting list.  Should a place become available we will get in touch and send your our application form.

Mencap Outdoors: Cost of the Holiday

The cost of the Mencap Outdoors holiday is around £350.  We keep our costs down because all our staff our volunteers, and most of our young people are able to access support for the trip. Please contact us using the details on the right to confirm our costs for this year, or if you have any financial concerns.

For forms and resources relating to Mencap Outdoors have a look on this page.