Summer Holiday: applications & info

Summer Holiday: Applying for a place

We are delighted that children want to come back to our summer holiday year after year. Unfortunately this means that we only have a limited number of spaces each summer, and children can be on the waiting list for a couple of years.

To register for a place on the holiday, or make any further enquires please contact us using the details on the right with your name and a phone number, one of the senior team will then be in touch.  Because we cannot guarantee a secure email all correspondence including confidential information must be received by post or in conversation.

We generally send out application forms in January, and also get in touch with new families to let them know when a space is available for their child.   We will then confirm the place by April and send out information such as clothing lists and consent forms for any particular external activities such as watersports.

We can cater for a broad range of medical and dietary requirements, the application form will ask you to detail any specific requirements, and you can always discuss these, or any other concerns with a member of the senior team.  We will share with our junior volunteers only the information that they need to best support your child, an example of the kind of information we give to our volunteers can be seen in forms and resources.

Cost of the Summer Holiday

The cost of the holiday in 2015 is £315.  This includes all activities and some pocket money for snacks or souvenirs on trips out.  Many of our parents are able to receive partial or full funding for the holiday from Social Care Services, local councils or other charitable bodies.    Please contact us using the details on the right if you have any financial concerns.

We keep our costs low because all of our staff are volunteers and by raising funds to cover more than 50% of the cost of the holidays, for more information about supporting the holiday please see our support us page.