Photos and Films

Here are a couple of short films from this year, which will give you a taste of what we get up to on our holidays. Most of the footage was shot by the holiday-makers and their friends, then cut together by some of our wonderful senior team. If you love these, then check out the archive of films from previous years and scroll down for some amazing photo albums!

Mencap Outdoors

Summer Holiday

And here are some photo albums from the most recent holidays. Thanks for these goes to Riyan Itani, a senior volunteer who has been with OSMH since 1997. Every year he not only takes the vast majority of these wonderful pictures, but also co-ordinates and prints them so our holiday-makers and volunteers can take some of their happy memories home.

Summer Holiday 2013

A selection of the best pics from our summer 2013 holiday which had a Heroes and Villains theme!

Getting in to the Heroes & Villains theme

Summer Holiday 2012

A selection of shots from the 2012 summer holiday, which had an Olympic theme

olympic theme: winning a trophy

Mencap Outdoors 2012

A selection of photos from the first ever Mencap Outdoors camping holiday for young adults. This took place over the jubilee weekend - hence all the bunting!

The Jubilee Party

Mencap Outdoors Intro

These are some photos from the 2012 Mencap Outdoors, designed to help new campers prepare for the holiday. They aim to give an idea of what the site will look like and what sort of activities campers will be doing.

The whole site

Summer Holiday intro

These are some photos of the places where we spend a lot of our time during the Summer Holiday. They are designed to help new holiday-makers prepare a little bit.

Red house is on the right, blue house on the left.

For photos and films from Oundle Mencap holidays of previous years, have a look at this Gallery


If you are a parent and think we have wrongly used footage of your child, or have other objections to these images please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details on the right.